Utility Invoice Management and Payment Processing

Utility Invoice Management and Payment ProcessingSubcontracting your utility invoice management and payment processing to UBM assures timely remittance payments, thus avoiding costly  late fee charges, manages invoice discrepancies, and offers a centralized energy database for real-time energy report management. Find out more about utility invoice management and payment processing

Energy Procurement

Energy ProcurementOur team can analyze your electrical and fossil fuel usage data and recommend the best energy solution for your organization. Find out more about energy procurement

Vacant Unit Cost Recovery

Vacant Unit Recovery CostsWith today’s rising utility costs, vacant unit cost recovery is no longer an optional practice.  Our proven process will help remove costly management errors and improve your  bottom line. Find out about vacant unit cost recovery

Utility Invoice Audit

Utility Invoice AuditOur proven utility invoice audits analyze your previous, current, and future invoices. We find potential errors that can add to your bottom line. Find out more about our utility invoice audits

Carbon Emission Reporting

Carbon Emission ReportingOur carbon emission reporting service estimates your current carbon emissions and recommends actions to reduce emissions and energy use. Find out more about carbon emission reporting