Green building has become the rule rather than the exception in the multifamily industry. Many states recognize this fact and have begun offering rebate programs to property owners that are looking to conserve energy through utility submetering and other energy efficient upgrades. Is your organization aware of the rebate programs available in your state?

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has created a statewide Energy Smart Multifamily Performance Program that provides financial support to property owners looking implement energy efficient upgrades in new construction and existing multifamily buildings. They have also created the Electric Reduction in Master Metered Buildings Program, which is specifically geared towards utility submetering. Owners of master metered properties with five or more units can visit the NYSERDA website to fill out an application for the program. If approved, this program can save multifamily owners up to 50% off the cost of a submetering system.

The California Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebate Program (MEERP) is another statewide program that has been a successful in offering energy efficient rebates. The collaboration between the state’s four major utility companies allow property owners of multifamily properties to receive rebates on energy efficient upgrades ranging from lighting and insulation to window and HVAC improvements.

The Maine State Housing Authority’s takes a different approach to providing energy funding through their Multifamily Home Energy Loan Program. This program offers low interest loans for multifamily housing improvements interested in taking on energy efficient projects. The program requires borrowers to have an energy audit and then prepare a plan to address deficiencies.

For a full list of opportunities available in your state, visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) website.

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The Green Office

Published on 24 April 2012 by in Blog


In today’s business world, it’s not uncommon to see offices taking steps to decrease their impact on the environment. Utility Bill Manager offers a variety of services, such as energy star compliance and carbon emissions reporting, that can get your business on track in terms of monitoring energy usage. However, there are many simple steps that you and your co-workers can take to work towards a greener office.

Energy Star provides some great tips on how to make green offices a reality on their Bring Your Green to Work website. The website offers checklists, videos, and even an interactive cubicle to determine how you can reduce your energy usage. Simple things such as changing the light bulb on a desk lamp or disconnecting your power strip when leaving the office can have an impact on your office’s total energy usage.

Creating a “green team” with co-workers can also help to make this impact more noticable. Posting reminders around the office, gaining support from upper management, and holding monthly meetings are just a few ways to promote energy conservation to other co-workers.

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Our Partners At WaterWatch Corporation

Published on 07 September 2011 by in Blog


Check out this video from our partners at WaterWatch Corporation. Learn more about how your submetering provider can make or break your organization’s submetering experience!

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Top Energy Star Rated Cities

Published on 19 April 2011 by in Blog


The EPA recently released it’s list of the top 25 cities with the most Energy Star certified buildings. Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco topped this year’s list, which also included Austin, Boston, and Detroit in the top 25. Find the full list here and see if your city made the cut!

In 2010 alone, 6,200 commercial buildings across the nation earned an Energy Star rating. This is a significant (nearly 60 percent) increase from 2009. The EPA explains that these Energy Star rated buildings are saving $1.9 billion in energy costs every year, all while helping to protect the environment.

If your organization is interested in monitoring your energy usage and applying for an Energy Star label, consider learning more about our energy star compliance program!

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Participate in the Energy Star Challenge

Published on 13 December 2010 by in Blog


Utility Bill Manager offers clients our Energy Star Compliance Service, which ensures that your organization has the tools necessary to apply for an Energy Star label.

Current participants in the Energy Star Challenge are diverse, ranging from multifamily housing properties and corporate office complexes to hospitals and retail centers. In fact, Energy Star currently works with over 17,000 public and private sector organizations. Verizon Wireless has even recently signed on as a high profile Energy Star participant in late November. Click here to see a full list of all energy star partners!

Participating in the Energy Star Challenge is an excellent way for your organization to take responsibility by conserving energy, all while becoming recognized by an environmentally friendly public. According to a recent blog post from our partners at WaterWatch Corporation, the number of renters interested in living in green properties is steadily on the rise.

Interested in learning more about how your organization can benefit from the Energy Star Label? Contact UBM today!

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Breathingearth.net Simulation

Published on 03 November 2010 by in Blog


Breathingearth.net is a thought provoking website for those who are looking to visualize the impact of CO2 emissions across the globe. The Breathing Earth map is interactive, and shifts based on the amount of CO2 emitted across the nation since you opened the website. You can also slide your mouse across the different countries to see how the CO2 emission rates compare between each.  The Breathing Earth creator utilized CIA World Factbook and the United Nations Statistics Division to compile the data represented in the map.

A screen capture of the Breathingearth.net interactive map.

Interested in decreasing your carbon footprint? Utility Bill Manager provides organizations with carbon emissions reporting so your business can determine its impact on the environment and learn how to decrease it.

For even more blog updates, check out our partners at WaterWatch Corporation!

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Calculating Your Carbon Footprint

Published on 13 October 2010 by in Blog


While Utility Bill Manager offers carbon emissions reporting to determine your organization’s carbon footprint, we also recognize the importance of analyzing your personal carbon footprint as a means to decrease carbon emissions.

Nature.org offers a carbon footprint calculator that determines your individual carbon footprint based on a variety of lifestyle choices.  Some of the lifestyle choices include the number of people you live with, the type of car you drive, and food consumption habits. The site also provides helpful hints for those interested in decreasing their carbon footprint.     

Visit the Nature.org today for to calculate your personal carbon footprint, or feel free to contact Utility Bill Manager to learn more about how our carbon emissions reporting services can benefit your organization.

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Vacant Unit Theft

Published on 16 September 2010 by in Blog


According to Buildings.com, approximately 20% to 40% of new tenants don’t call ahead to arrange their utilities when moving into a new unit for weeks or months at a time. This act, referred to as “vacant unit theft”, can cost your organization thousands, or even millions of dollars over time.

The practice of vacant unit theft is all too common. In Michigan alone, nearly 70,000 homes and businesses are currently stealing electricity and natural gas in some manner. A large amount of these cases have been attributed to vacant unit theft in the city of Detroit.

While much of the vacant unit theft comes from poor residents in the area who are squatting in vacant units, energy theft isn’t exclusively associated with poverty. Detroit officials claim that there are also a large amount of tenants with the funding to pay utility bills who instead choose to steal their utilities for as long as possible.

Organizations across the nation are battling the costs associated with vacant utility theft. If you manage a multitude of properties and are worried about the high costs associated with vacant unit theft, consider contacting us to learn about UBM’s vacant unit cost recovery program.

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Welcome from Utility Bill Manager

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Welcome to our Utility Bill Manager blog! Here at UBM, we offer a wide range of energy management services to multifamily, industrial, commercial, health care, and government agencies. Our staff of energy professionals works daily to ensure that our clients receive the best energy solutions possible.

In our Utility Bill Manager blog, we will provide you with valuable insider information about UBM and the energy management industry as a whole. Each of our posts will aim to help your organization decrease utility related stresses, save money, and become more energy efficient. Check back frequently for website resources, industry news, and energy management tips from our experienced staff!

Interested in learning more about UBM? Be sure to visit the services portion of our website to learn about all of our utility management and payment processing solutions!

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