Utility Invoice Audit

Utility invoice auditEnergy providers often invoice your organization with incorrect bill rates, mistaken meter multipliers and meter reads, false sub-meter accounts, high usage, missed payment, etc. on a regular basis.  These errors happen more often than most would like to admit. The energy provider’s lack of attention to detail can lead to thousands of dollars of additional expenses and lost income.  It’s up to your organization to identify and question the provider’s current rate structure and billing methods.

Like most tasks, recognizing such anomalies is time consuming and requires knowledge of industry specifics.  Your organization’s accounts payable department may currently record utility invoices and schedule payments, but come across errors or omissions on occasion.

Our experienced staff at UBM offers services that scrutinize your utility invoices looking to uncover previous, current, and future errors.   Understanding the multifaceted billing rates and allocation methods is best handled by seasoned professionals.  UBM’s proven methods ensure that your utility invoices are accurate and truthful.

What We Do

  • Verify your organizations previous, current, and future utility invoices are accurately billed by the current energy supplier.
  • Hold the energy supplier accountable for incorrect utility invoices and negotiate retribution of funds for previous, current, and future invoices.

Benefits Your Company Receives

  • Reimbursement for previous, current and future invoice errors through oversight by your current energy provider.
  • Reassurance that your organization’s energy supplier price is accurate.
  • Peace of mind knowing UBM is monitoring, deciphering, and reporting your energy usage with Smart Bill Manager™ real time energy management system.
  • No upfront service fees.  UBM’s payment for utility invoice audit services are based on a contingency fee.

For more information on how your organization can benefit and reduce energy costs, please email sales@utilitybillmanager.com or call 877-824-5180.