Utility Invoice Management & Payment Processing

The first step to controlling your organization’s energy costs is to organize energy invoice data.  UBM specializes in categorizing your organization’s previous, current, and future utility invoice data into energy management reports that are easy to understand.

It’s a monthly course of action for most organizations to gather, review, and pay utility invoices.  The processes are not always efficient and effective and there is often room for improvement.  UBM’s Smart Bill Manager™ utility invoice validation and bill payment services focus on overall utility management and data documentation.  Our software identifies key components that allow for master meter documentation, usage reporting, meter costs comparison, and other analytics.

Subcontracting your organization’s utility invoice processes to UBM assures timely remittance payments, thus avoiding costly late fee charges. We manage invoice discrepancies, and offer a centralize energy data base for real time energy report management.  These benefits contribute to your organization’s overall cost reductions.   UBM’s proven Smart Bill Manager™ software and experienced team is trained to explore and discern utility anomalies.   The process is proven and reliable.  

What We Do

  • UBM will contact each utility invoice vendor and redirected your organization’s utility invoices to UBM’s central post office box.
  • Utility invoices are scanned upon arrival and vital data is entered in UBM’s Smart Bill Manager™ software system.
  • UBM resolves any discrepancies and validates that each utility invoice is correct and free from billing errors.   Along with a trained staff of experts, UBM’s Smart Bill Manager™ software is designed to query and uncover utility data errors or omissions.
  • Energy data is analyzed and real time energy management reports are available 24/7.
  • Upon utility invoice validation, an accounts payable file is transferred for trouble-free vendor data importing to your organization’s accounting system.   If your organization elects to contract with UBM to handle utility payment processing, we send you a request for funds notification.  Funds can be deposited in UBM’s or your established organization banking account.  Once funds have been cleared, UBM or your organization submits payment to the utility vendor.

Benefits Your Company Receives

  • Assurance that your organization’s utility invoices are processed and paid on-time.
  • Elimination of late penalty fees.
  • Centralized energy management reports which allow for real time costs comparisons by individual utility or portfolio accounts.  Your energy costs are easily organized and reported via UBM’s Smart Bill Manager™ over the internet.
  • Invoice discrepancies, missing or additional invoices, are revised and managed accordingly by UBM.
  • Your organization’s utility usage and costs are organized; allowing for smooth energy and accurate procurement process to take place.
  • Data integration with your organization’s accounts payable software system.
  • Savings can and often reach double digit returns.
  • Energy procurement savings, utility invoice audits, and vacant unit cost recovery will often offset UBM’s monthly invoice validation and payment processing service fees.
  • UBM’s Smart Bill Manager™ software is equipped to manager and process many types of energy bill invoices.   These include but are not limited to: natural gas, electric, water, sewer, waste water, propane, and heating oil.

For more information on how your organization can benefit and reduce energy costs, please email sales@utilitybillmanager.com or call 877-824-5180.