Vacant Unit Cost Recovery

Vacant unit recoveryIf your organization manages a large portfolio of multifamily or commercial properties, a vacant unit cost recovery program is an essential factor for reducing your energy costs.  Property managers can be lethargic in canceling or transferring utility services payment liability upon a tenant leasing a vacant unit.  Tenants subsequently knowingly or unknowingly use the existing utility energy for free until the account is canceled or transferred.

By means of UBM’s Smart Bill Manager™ utility invoice validation module, UBM identifies tenant’s utility consumption and transfers the data to UMB’s strategic utility submetering partner, WaterWatch Corporation.  WaterWatch then generates and mails a utility invoice to the tenant for their portion of the utility usage.

With today’s rising utility rates, vacant unit cost recovery is no longer an optional practice.  UBM and WaterWatch Corporation’s proven process will help remove costly management errors and consequently improve your organization’s bottom line.

What We Do

  • Charge back energy usage to tenants who knowingly or unknowingly harness energy freely until management cancels or transfers the utility service.
  • Vacant unit cost recovery can be applied to energy services such as:  water, sewer, natural gas, electric, propane, cable, trash etc.
  • In conjunction with preferred utility submetering partner WaterWatch Corporation, tenants are mailed a utility invoice for their portion of the utilities used.

Benefits Your Company Receives

  • Your organization will reduce your energy costs by no longer allowing tenants to use your organization’s energy usage at no charge.
  • Increase income by simple invoicing tenants for their fair share of the energy usage.
  • Vacant unit cost recovery will not only offset energy costs. Energy invoice data is also organized and managed, offering your organization access to real time friendly energy management reports.

For more information on how your organization can benefit and reduce energy costs, please email or call 877-824-5180.